Have you ever thought it would be great to feel better about your body, to feel more confident and to feel generally in a better shape? But you are just not fanatic about running to the gym.

Thirty years ago, I shared the stage with stars of the ballet world, was coached by some of ballets topteachers, then became myself a coach at first for the big pros, but I was still looking for a healthy self-esteem and yes, also for a better body feeling.

Today, I am writing June 2018, at 53 I feel better than ever in my body, I no longer suffer from complexes and if the back sometimes hurts, I get it in order myself with a few exercises!

By now I have worked with old and young people, in every form and in every “weight class”! Whenever I help someone to get a new and more positive access to their own body, every time I experience a great joy!

Now it is up to you to

discover your individual topshape with Mobil  Training!

With Mobil Training every person can discover and enjoy their individual top form.
Mobil Training is an adaptable, tailor-made training system that can be carried out practically independently of the location.
The balance between strength and flexibility is the essence of Mobil Training.
Whether a stressed manager or a person with bad posture and tension: harmony and free-flowing energy, arising from the balance of force and counter force movement, are the beneficial results of Mobil Trainings bodywork

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