No more cold!!

Even though winter is almost over, there are still plenty of fresh days and too many people who have caught a cold. I myself used to catch a cold easily in the past, but not this year! I like to share the secret here with my readers:

Wash 5 organic lemons, remove the stalk in the middle of 5 organic garlic tubers, then finely chop everything (including shell, seeds etc.) and after puree in a food processor, then add half a liter of water and puree further. Mix again with another half a liter of water, and heat the whole thing in a pot to 70° celsius. Allow to cool, squeeze through a sieve and put in a bottle in the refigerator.

Drink 4 cl (large shot glass) each morning on an empty stomach.

Whether it is because of the lemon or because you drink it on an empty stomach I do not know, but you do not smell it and it works fantastic (especially as a prevention) against colds!

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