Dear dancers,

after more than 3 months my website for ballet is at last back online:

I am still working on it, but for now the basic information is there!

Ballet in Italy with Martin

Dear Balletdancers,

as my website for Ballet unfortunately still is offline, I use this here to announce you an international ballet-workshop where I will be teaching among international top teachers from June 24th- 27th!

Therefore there won’t be any private classes in Berlin during that week, also no class at the Weinmeisterhaus on Wednesday June 26th!

More information here:

My Website

Dear dancers in Berlin, unfortunately my website for ballet is still offline! It will be fixed asap! Therefore here an anouncement:                                       as I will be in Italy teaching a Summer Course there will be no private classes in Berlin from June 23rd til 27th and no class at the Weinmeisterhaus on Wednesday June 26th!


While teaching a summer course in Italy, I discovered this highly talented young dancer, Luca Marchi. At the age of 15, he has not received enough good lessons, but his talent is so convincing that Jean-Yves Esquerre, head of one of the world’s best trainingprograms,  the Dutch National Trainee Program trainee-program / immediately offered him a complete scholarship !! Now we collect for Luca that he can also pay the very high living costs in Amsterdam:

I am so happy about every contribution so that Luca can realize his talent !!

No more backpain with Mobil Training!

No more backpain with Mobil Training!

With greatest pleasure I share with you the enthusiastic comments of a client:

As a 40-year-old woman with a disc prolapse, unfavorable genetic conditions, with family and a small child which is to be lifted regularly, the usual stresses in everyday life, a full-time job, chronic time shortage and lack of motivation for sport I just want
to be pain-free and stay that way.
The usual madness of rehab, physiotherapy, Pilates & Co began immediately after the diagnosis prolapse in the lumbar area.
I was frustrated because everything helped and alleviated only for a short time.
Then I met Martin, with whom I have been training regularly for over 2 years. He is very professional and well versed, always happy and manages to motivate me ever since. Even if occasionally I can‘t take a workout, I now know the exercises that help
me. I appreciate his empathy and holistic thinking. I have learned a lot from him, have become pain free in a short time and above all, have remained so until today.
With great gratitude I take my hat off to this pro!
Daniela Kloth
Eberswalde 05/2018

Mobil Training: Be in shape everywhere, independent of machines!

Mobil Training: Be in shape everywhere, independent of machines!  The only thing you might need is a mat on the floor! In case you workout without your coach, you could maybe want a belt for a few stretches, strengthening and muscle building you can do entirely with the use of your own bodyweight! Take fate into your own hands, say goodbye to losing time and money for  travelling to a fitness-studio!

Talking about the Psoas muscle…

Talking about the Psoas muscle, here one possibility of a healthy stretch!

Mobil Training and the Psoas Muscle!

One of the most important features of Mobil Training is stretching the Psoas (or the so called hip flexors). I am pleased that nowadays there are many articles about this muscle in the internet, like for example this one: healingthroughmovement
Not only when you spend too much time sitting, also trained people too often don‘t know how to properly stretch this muscle! But once you do, back aches disappear, the posture improves and one feels actually experiences a liberation! You are more than welcome to try this! So you can enjoy spring feeling strenghtened and liberated! Mobil Training Contact

Mobil Training Recapture the mobility! Regain inner strength!

Recapture the mobility! Regain inner strength!

Some people told me, that as much as they liked the pictures on this website, they did get an impression that Mobil Training could be too intense for them! For your information here my latest reference from Joel Schnee:

As a mature pensioner, I was seeking a personal trainer who would understand and support the need of my body to function as best it could with a hands-on approach.
Mr Mengs rich personal experience in working as a personal trainer, and his own long years as professional in the world of dance gives him a rare combination of knowledge of the bodies abilities.
With a very sensitive personal approach he made it possible for me to regain physical strength, reduce areas of pain, and gain new knowledge of how to deal with a mature body.

Check the original under references.

A good start of the day! A recommendation from Mobil Training

A good start of the day is a wonderful thing! Here a little recommendation from Mobil Training:

Since many years I drink 2 cups of boiled water before breakfast, which wonderfully ensures a well-functioning digestion!
And one also starts to supply the body with sufficient water from the beginning of the day!

But actually it is also a good idea to dissolve in a little boiling water half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt, add cold water to a scarce 300 ml, then add a squeezed lemon and drink that lukewarm drink before breakfast too! The benefits include helping to dissolve the uric acid in your joints (anti-inflammatory), having a better PH balance, it boosts your immune function, it reduces cellulite, strengthens against allergies and many other benefits such as liver detoxification, fresh breath and even stimulation of libido!

If you add a personal training from time to time, then not too much can go wrong anymore! I can do that training with you and
the link on the benefits of this drink I share here with you:

19 balancing benefits of this 2 ingredient morning tonic