A good start of the day! A recommendation from Mobil Training

A good start of the day is a wonderful thing! Here a little recommendation from Mobil Training:

Since many years I drink 2 cups of boiled water before breakfast, which wonderfully ensures a well-functioning digestion!
And one also starts to supply the body with sufficient water from the beginning of the day!

But actually it is also a good idea to dissolve in a little boiling water half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt, add cold water to a scarce 300 ml, then add a squeezed lemon and drink that lukewarm drink before breakfast too! The benefits include helping to dissolve the uric acid in your joints (anti-inflammatory), having a better PH balance, it boosts your immune function, it reduces cellulite, strengthens against allergies and many other benefits such as liver detoxification, fresh breath and even stimulation of libido!

If you add a personal training from time to time, then not too much can go wrong anymore! I can do that training with you and
the link on the benefits of this drink I share here with you:

19 balancing benefits of this 2 ingredient morning tonic

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